We have 8 different sets of warm ups.  Warm ups run Monday - Thursday, 4 sets a week, so every 2 weeks the 8 sets will loop.  Go to Google play and download the 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu warm ups app for free. 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu is now requiring every student to memorize these warm-ups, so we can quickly drill them before class thus spend less time teaching them. 

Warm-up Schedule

Commit the first 15 minutes of your classes to these warm ups and every single one of your dedicated students will be masters of, and I really do mean masters of ALL these techniques, like these passes: knee slice from full guard, fly over, flip over, M1, kneeling M1, M2, M3, leg drag, standing/kneeling underpass, no hand pass, dominator, twister pass, plus 5 mount escapes, 3 of the most important side control escapes, plus you will be a ninja at snatching lockdowns, your 1/4 guard game will be strong as well. 

Eddie explains the warm ups...